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In an ever-changing world, families are often sidelined. We believe in family as a traditional function with an open mindset about family roles. We offer new ideas to families to help them overcome crisis and social challenges. We design our family management services in a way that will help families become a more productive unit, utilizing resources as they see fit.   

Our Design Approach to

Family Management


Custom Family Case Management for your Needs                                                 _

  • Assistance with family legal challenges

  • Productivity training & consultations

  • Tools & supplies to meet basic needs

  • Measured personal analysis for reoccurring issues

  • Strategic idea generation to help with social challenges

Recent accomplishments with family case management 


Stephanie lives in rural part of the country where very little social services are available. While going through family law proceedings, she was legally advised to make false accusations as the only means to gain custody of her child. The other parent retaliated in-kind. The judge asked Stephanie to undergo evaluations that were not available through local social services. We helped Stephanie find an appropriate provider for the court ordered services while informing Stephanie of the ethical guidelines for attorneys and self-service options. We were also able to help Stephanie with consultations to increase her productivity, start a small housekeeping business, and attend coparent counseling with her ex partner. 

The King family recently lost a member of their family who brought in a significant amount of income. Through a technicality, their life insurance policy was not as much as they expected. While struggling as a single parent, Mrs. King worked several jobs and become unaware of her eldest child's trouble with the law. Social services removed the children from Mrs. King's home after her eldest child left his siblings home alone. Mrs. King struggled to communicate with social services and her attorney. When Mrs. King reached out to us we helped her develop strategies for dealing with her social services case, attend online communication training, develop tools for organization, and help manage her family reunification plan in a more efficient way. She was reunited with her children and continued other family services with us to  mitigate any future crisis situations.   

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